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Genetics Final 2008 Spring pg 5

Genetics Final 2008 Spring pg 5 - the O region but not to...

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22. You are a cattle breeder interested in decreasing the fat content of your cattle population. Currently, fat content is a continuously distributed trait with a mean of 9.1% and the variances shown below. You pick a group of breeders that have a mean fat content of 3.3%. What is the mean fat content of the cattle population in the next generation? Va = 6.9 Vd = 7.8 Vi = 2.1 Ve = 17.2 a. 2.41 b. 5.76 c. 6.90 d. 7.94 e. 9.88 23. A mutation in the I gene of the lac operon results in production of a protein that can bind to
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Unformatted text preview: the O region but not to lactose. Which of the following would describe the transcription of the structural genes (Z, Y & A) of the lac operon ? a. the genes would never be transcribed b. the genes would always be transcribed c. the genes would only be transcribed if lactose was present d. the genes would only be transcribed if glucose was present e. none of the above 24. Which of the following reaction norms suggests that the size difference between two populations is due to genetic differences alone? a. b. c. d. e....
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