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Biology Test 3 Notes - Class Chondrichthyes Includes sharks...

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Biology Test 3 Notes Click Which of the following characteristics is NOT true of all animal phyla? -Multicellular -Organ systems -Heterotrophic -Diploid Click Cnidarians do NOT have ___________ -Tentacles equipped with nematocysts -Tree tissue layers -Radial symmetry -A gastrovascular cavity Click Oval body, light dorsal plates, grazer on rocky coasts is descriptive of ________________. -Gastropoda -Turbella -Bivalvia - Polyplacophora Chondrichthyans (Sharks, Rays, and Their Relatives)
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Unformatted text preview: Class Chondrichthyes Includes sharks, rays, and ratfishes Sharks are streamlined and swift swimmers Rays are dorsovetrally flattened Ray-Finned Fishes and Lobe-Fins Most vertebrates belong to a clade called Osteichthyes o Including ourselves Most have bony endoskeleton Aquatic Osteichtyans o Vertebrates we call fishes o Have a swim bladder for buoyancy control Lobe Fins...
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