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Genetics Final Spring 2005 pg 9

Genetics Final Spring 2005 pg 9 - Match the term on the...

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Unformatted text preview: - Match the term on the left to the correct definition on the right. (1 each). H flangypenjr‘ww Tofipctcnt C \ a. a base change that results in a dfierent amino acid Mutation Q )5. a figure showing the relationship between Phenotype and environment Synonymous substitution % /c./ a cell that is capable of forming a fully , functional organism Aneuploidy J . a change from one genetic state to another /e{ when heterozygotes have the, highest fitness Allenpolyploidy k f. differential survival and reproduction ,g.’ a base change that does not change the amino Homeotic genes 0 acid encoded . ,la/ when a gene has an extra base pair Genetic one 1 2f random changes in allele frequency A}: cells that have extra individual chromosomes Balancing Selection 8. )t/ individuals that hate extra chromosome sets that .- _ are from two difierent species 0 Reaction Norm b l. maternal effect genes involved in early development / m. the proportion of phenotypic variance described Insertion 22 by genetypic Variance . genes that control the location in which Specific organs or appendages develop Bonus: Use the following 4 sequences and draw the correct phylogenetic tree showing the evolutionary history of these sequences using maximum parsimony. (5) 1/ 1/ g l I Z 3 Li Sequence 1: G T 0;: CT Sequence 2: C G’ G A A G. A c Sequence 3: G Sequence 4: C G ...
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