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12. A mutation in the I gene of the lac operon results in production of a protein that can bind to lactose but not to the O region. Which of the following would describe the transcription of the structural genes (Z, Y & A) of the lac operon ? a. the genes would never be transcribed b. the genes would always be transcribed c. the genes would only be transcribed if lactose was present d. the genes would only be transcribed if glucose was present e. none of the above Use the following data set to answer questions 13-14. 13. What is the allele frequency of A in this population? a. 0.191 b. 0.322 c. 0.409 d. 0.454 e. 0.586 Genotype Genotype Number of Individuals Number of Individuals AA AA 41 41 Aa Aa 67 67 aa aa 56 56 14. What is the expected number of Aa individuals based on Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? a. 73 b. 81 c. 89 d. 93 e. none of the above 15. Lucy had a single base substitution in a gene of a single lung cell when she was 32. This mutation caused a cascade of effects resulting in the cell becoming cancerous and undergoing mitosis at an increased rate. Lucy had two offspring.
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