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Genetics Final Spring 2007 pg 7

Genetics Final Spring 2007 pg 7 - k random changes in...

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#31-43—Match the correct definitions on the right to the terms on the left. (1 each) Gene ______ a. when the heterozygous state has the highest relative fitness Gap gene ______ b. cells that are capable of developing into an entire organism PCR ______ c. organelles involved in the production of ATP d. situations where the maternal copy of a gene is expressed Ribosome ______ e. when one of the homozygous states has the highest relative fitness P granules ______ f. different forms of the same particle of inheritance g. genes that are normally “off” but can be turned “on” Maternal imprinting ______ under certain conditions h. amplification of a specific section of DNA into millions Sister chromatids ______ of copies in a tube i. a section of DNA that encodes a protein Constitutive ______ j. the site of translation
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Unformatted text preview: k. random changes in allele frequency due to sampling Totipotent ______ error l. base changes that have gone to fixation in one population Balancing Selection ______ relative to another m. a group of molecules involved in distinguishing somatic Genetic Drift ______ cells from germ cells in Caenorhabditis elegans n. chromosomes containing the same genes that came from Substitution ______ each parent o. genes that are always expressed Differential splicing ______ p. situations where the paternal copy of a gene is expressed q. identical copies of a chromosome r. when the same gene is expressed as a different protein in different tissues s. genes that encode transcription factors that regulate pair- rule and segment polarity genes t. genes that guide the development of organs and appendages...
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