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Genetics Final Spring 2007 pg 8

Genetics Final Spring 2007 pg 8 - You know the population...

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#44—Bonus: You are studying a quantitative character, height in marsh grasses. You have determined that this characteristic is due to an additive interaction between two genes. Individuals that are AA:BB are 20 cm tall while individuals with the genotype aa:bb are 8 cm tall. Each functional allele adds equally to plant height.
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Unformatted text preview: You know the population has the following allele frequencies for each locus. Assuming both loci are in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and are both independently assorting, draw the size distribution of the population. (10) Allele frequencies: A = 0.38 a = 0.62 B = 0.75 b = 0.25...
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