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Genetics Final Summer 2008 pg 2

Genetics Final Summer 2008 pg 2 - c selection d both a and...

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7. You cross two pure bred lines of the following genotype: AA : BB x aa : bb. You self the F1s to get the F2s shown below. What accounts for the phenotypic ratios observed in the F2 generation? A- : B- 624 A- : bb 128 aa : B- 125 aa : bb 123 a. 2 genes in the same chemical pathway b. 2 genes in different chemical pathways c. 2 linked genes d. lethal alleles e. none of the above 8. Which of the following techniques can be used to quantify RNA from a tissue sample? a. cloning b. sequencing c. Western blot d. Northern blot e. Both a and c 9. Which of the following genes of the lac operon could be considered a trans-acting element? a. operator b. I gene c. Z gene d. Promoter e. none of the above 10. Which of the following evolutionary processes can constrain (limit) population divergence? a. mutation b. genetic drift
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Unformatted text preview: c. selection d. both a and c e. none of the above 11. Which of the following situations results in maximum expression of the three structural genes of the lac operon? a. only glucose present b. only lactose present c. both glucose and lactose present d. neither glucose or lactose present e. when glucose is being catabolized 12. A mutation in the I gene of the lac operon results in production of a protein that can bind to the O region but not to lactose. Which of the following would describe the transcription of the structural genes (Z, Y & A) of the lac operon ? a. the genes would never be transcribed b. the genes would always be transcribed c. the genes would only be transcribed if lactose was present d. the genes would only be transcribed if glucose was present e. none of the above...
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