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EXAM 2 – STUDY GUIDE (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO) Chapter 3 (Socialization, Life Course and Aging) Activity thx of aging Ageism Agents of socialization Cognition Conflict thx of aging Disengagement thx of aging Gender roles Gender socialization Mortality / Morbidity Identity Life course Mass media Oldest old Old old Young old Peer group Social gerontology Social identity Socialization Social reproduction Social roles Theories of child development (Mead, Piaget) Life course stages Fertility Life expectancy Life span Demography Demographic transition Reading a population pyramid Chapter 5 Master status Ascribed status Achieved status Roles Status Status set Role strain
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Dyad Triad Networks Groups In groups Out groups Primary groups Reference groups Secondary groups Social aggregate Leadership Styles Asch Study Conformity Millgram Study You will once again need to do three essays. You are to choose two of the following four and everyone MUST do the last essay on demographic transition.
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Unformatted text preview: Compare the findings of Asch, Milgram, and Janis regarding conformity. Why did the subjects respond the way they did in each of these studies? Why is a drug like ecstasy seen as a danger to society, while one like Prozac is seen to have great benefits? Focus on the ways that deviance is socially defined. In relation to changes discussed in this chapter, how do you envision your own life when you are sixty-five? Seventy-five? Eighty-five? Be specific, using theories and concepts explained in the book, slides and class. Compare the child development theories of G. H. Mead and Jean Piaget. Which one focuses more on the importance of social interaction in socialization? Explain (be specific in each of their theoretical approaches) YOU MUST ANSWER THIS: Demographic Transition – Explain the four stages. Name each and explain them in detail...
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exam+2+study+guide - Compare the findings of Asch Milgram...

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