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Study Guide Final exam RU Intro (12/12 8:40 am or 12/19 8:40 am) Chapters 6 and 7 Films: Dreamworlds 3 and Waiting for the World to Change Social inequality Slavery Caste Class Kuznets curve Gini coefficient Wealth Income Educational attainment Occupational prestige U.S. class system Income and wealth gap between population groups Relative poverty Absolute poverty Feminization of poverty Deviance Sanctions (formal/informal) Rewards Sociological thx of crime/deviance (Differential Association, Anomie, labeling, target hardening, broken windows, structural strain) Innovators, conformists, rebels, retreatists, ritualists Crime stat trends Efficacy of prison/CJ system How the U.S. compares with other states in terms of incarceration rates and poverty rates (including child poverty rates) Two essay questions (you will have a choice of 2 out of 4). 20/20 episode – waiting for the world to change – explain how the families highlighted in the film fit into notions of
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Unformatted text preview: life chances (hint: specifically in terms of deviating from the norms and ideals put forth in terms of the “American Dream” – so use examples from the documentary, how do the lived realities of the families in the video fit into or refute how dominant American ideas about the “American Dream”.) Also considering the 20/20 episode “Waiting for the world to change”, discuss the Weberian concept of “life chances” as it pertains to social class and inequality. How is it possible that a person can be both a conformist and a deviant? Explain, using 3 examples and 3 sociological concepts and theories. Using examples for the Movie Dream Worlds III (the music video documentary), discuss how Sut Jhally (the writer and producer of the film) links music videos to the construction of a certain type of masculinity. How do these constructions factor into gender violence....
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