February4Lecture - 2-4-08 - Eras in Indian...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-4-08 - Eras in Indian Relations•1887-1934: Allotment Erao Since Indians weren't going to vanish, needed to civilize themo Reservations had been formed•Not made to be permanent, but as a "way station" on the way to civilization•Tribes instead continued old traditions, didn't convert to the "mainstream" civilizationo General Allotment Act of 1887•Reservation land divided into individual parcels & held in trust (160 acres)•100 million acres of "surplus" reservation land opened to non-Native settlement•Known as "160 acres and a mule", wanted to make Indians into farmers and assimilate them•$.30 to $1.50 per acre were given to Indians§ Money put in a "civilization fund", not given to Indians directly•Some lands weren't allotted still (Seminoles, Cherokee, etc.)•Reformists wanted to transform Indians into US citizens§ Some of them were even natives themselves, not a strictly white vs. Indian issueo Turn of the century•BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) issued allotments§ Told Congress allotment wasn't working...
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February4Lecture - 2-4-08 - Eras in Indian...

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