Yamanaka - Then when the mouth chicken pox went away, she...

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Unformatted text preview: Then when the mouth chicken pox went away, she got um on the rest of her body. She stay lying on the same vinyl couch the other sista was on, all itchy and hot. I walk pass her and scratch my ass by her face, all out kine. Go ‘way, youfuc/ea, she tell me. I ’ng tell mommy. Go. Go tell mommy, I tell her. I scratch mommy’s ass, too. She cry ‘cause she hot and itchy and she going get lickens if she scratch. But guess what? Yeah, I wen’ catch chicken pox, too. But guess where I got um? I had um only in my cho—cho. I not lying. For real. Shit, I was lying on the vinyl couch for one week with my legs spread so the thing heal more fast. My sistas come in the living room and scratch their cho—cho full on, nuts out kine and laugh. Itchy? they tell me. Then scratch. £16 Lal-I’AV‘V‘ CHICKEN POX Yam Wig My madda cut our hair so short. Shit, us look like boys, I no joke you. I mean mo worse than cha—wan cut. At least Cha—wan cut get liddle bit hair on the side of your face. Us look almost bolohead and everybody tease us, Eh hoy, what time? or Eh boy, what color yoarpanty? I figga my madda sick and tired of combing our long hair every morning. She make us all line up and us sit one by one on her chair by her makeup mirror. She pull and yank our hair just for put um in one ponytail, but I tell you she pull um so tight, our eyes come real slant and our forehead skin real tight. Ass why now we get boy hair. One time we stay walking home from school and Laverne Leialoha calling us snipe cause us Japanee and we get rice eye she say. Then her and her friend write S~N—I—P on the road with white chalk they wen’ steal from school. Us dunno if she teasing us SMPE for Japanee or 5MP for our boy hair. YARN WIG My madda she start for feel sorry for us but what'she going do? She no can make our hair grow back all long again. But she go down Ben Franklin one day and come home with plenny black yarn, the thick kine. She make us yarn wigs, I no joke you, with short bangs and long, long yarn hair in the back, all the way to our okole. Just like the high school cheerleaders or like Cher on the Sonny and Cher Show. My sistas and me make the yarn hair come in front then we flip um back like Cher do. The other day my madda took us store and all us wen’ wear our yarn wigs in the car. We stay letting the yarn blow out the window ‘cause so long. But when we was ready for go out, I wen’ fast kine pull off my yarn wig. Shame, eh? More better they tease me, Eb, boy, than Eb, yamfor hair. My sistas, they so stupid, they wear their yarn wigs in the store. The lady at the soda fountain tell, Ola-ma goodness! So cute! Harriet, tify come, try come, and the lady from the fabric side come running over. Ola—la cute yo daugbms! I kinda stay thinking maybe I should have wore my yarn wig, too. The fabric lady tell my madda, You made um? Ob you so ale-11a wit yo bands! And they so adora— bull. One sista start bringing her hair in the front and acting like Cher. My other sista pull all her hair on one side and start acting like she looking for split ends and her too go fling her hair back. Me, I order my vanilla Coke and look at myself in the soda fountain mirror. I see my sistas drag my madda buy yellow and orange yarn for make like Bewitch and Lucy. I no look at myself no mo. I pull my bangs real hard with both hands and start feeling real bolohead. YARN WIG ...
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Yamanaka - Then when the mouth chicken pox went away, she...

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