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Answers+for+problems+_chapter++6_ - c T= 2.52 C Problem...

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Answers to certain problems from Chapter 6 Problem 6.12 a) P*= 731.4 mmHg. b) % condensation =99.7% c) Assumptions: (1) Raoult’s law holds at initial and final conditions; (2) CB is the only condensable species (no water condenses); (3) Clausius-Clapeyron estimate is accurate at 130°C. Problem 6.22 a) molar flow rate:6.53kmol/hr b)T= 34.8 C
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Unformatted text preview: c) T= 2.52 C Problem 6.56 a) n BO = 0.0962 mol B(v)/min n TO = 0.0962 mol T(v)/min b) Since benzene is evaporating more rapidly than toluene, x B decreases with time and x T (= 1– x B ) increases. c. Since x B decreases, y B (= x B p B */ P ) also decreases. Since x T increases, y T (= x T p T */ P ) also increases....
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