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ChE 201 Recorder’s Name HW # Prob. xx Due Date Pg __ of __ T EAM H OMEWORK F ORMAT 1. Put the above header information on each page of your homework assignment. 2. Use 8.5" x 11" paper only. All rough edges (e.g., as from spiral bound notebooks) must be trimmed. 3. Write on one side of each page only; work on the back of any page will not be graded. 4. Begin each problem on a new page. 5. Place a box around the final answer. 6. Neatly staple all pages of the completed assignment together. 7. Leave ~1-in. margin on all sides. 8. Present your work in an organized and logical manner. 9. Show all work. 10. Write neatly. Do not cram work onto page; a good rule of thumb is to leave every other line blank. 11. Each completed assignment should be in one person's handwriting (the
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Unformatted text preview: recorder's). 12. Attach a cover sheet to your assignment (staple it with the rest of the pages) showing the names and roles (coordinator, recorder, monitor, and checker) of the participating team members, and the problem set number and date. If a student's name appears on a solution set, it certifies that he/she has participated in solving the problems. If this turns out not to be the case, both the nonparticipating student and the recorder will get zeros for the assignment. Repeat offenses will be dealt with more severely. 155: 201 Chemical Engineering Analysis I Fall 2011...
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