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2 more Heath stories - Morales A.P Study Form Title"A...

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Morales A.P. Study Form Title: “A Madman” Author and date: Chinua Achebe, 1970 Main characters (and one-sentence description of each) Nwibe is a respectable man of the village. A madman steals Nwibe’s cloth and escapes into the market. The witch doctor supposedly cured Nwibe’s madness. Main setting (and one-sentence description of each) The short story primarily takes place in the marketplace of Africa. One paragraph plot outline: Achebe's own literary language is standard English blended with Pidgin, Igbo vocabulary, proverbs, images and speech patterns. An example of his skills as a storyteller is 'The Madman', a richly layered narrative, in which the social customs of the Ibo-speaking people are strongly present. Nwibe, an honored member of a distant town Ogbu, plans to go to the market, where he has once chased a madman out of his hut and sent his children to throw stones at him. As he washes by the river, the madman snatches his cloth. Nwibe runs naked after him, shouting stop the madman. The thief with the cloth disappears in the crowd, and Nwibe is taken to a medicine- man, but he has lost his social position. "For how could a man be the same again of whom witnesses from all the lands of Olu and Igbo have once reported that they saw today a fine, hefty man in his prime, stark naked, tearing through the crowds to answer the call of the market-place. Such a man is marked forever. Two symbols and references: (characters can serve as symbols also) Marketplace
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Morales o Within a third world country such as Africa, social mores do exists in civilizations. o In marketplaces, it is expected that people dress appropriately. Cloth (clothes) o Having clothes represent being part of civilization o Exposing yourself in a civilized place like the marketplace is taboo o It goes against the social mores of civilization o This is a recurring, timeless motif Two or three sentences on style: Achebe teaches about the duality between civilization and primal animosity. He
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2 more Heath stories - Morales A.P Study Form Title"A...

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