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Unformatted text preview: Read McKay pgs 497 - 502 QUESTIONS 1. What is the Protestant Union? 2. What is the Edict of Restitution? 3. How did Cardinal Richelieu change the tide of 30 Years War? What is the important historical message here? 4. Describe the state of Germany after the 30 Years War. How will this influence the future of European Balnce of Power? 1. The Protestant Union was formed by Lutheran princes as a coalition of Protestant German states that was formed in 1608 to defend the rights, lands and person of each member. The Protestant Union was weakened from the start by the non-participation of several powerful Protestant rulers, such as the Elector of Saxony. The Union was also beset by internal strife between its Lutheran and Calvinist members. 2. The Jesuits persuaded emperor Ferdinand to issue the Edict of Nantes: all Catholics properties lost to Protestantism since 1552 were restored and only Catholics + Lutherans were allowed to...
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