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12 October 2010 502-524 QUESTIONS 1.  What people/technologies made Portugal a maritime power?  Why did they feel the need to become one? 2.  What is the historiographical problem with Columbus? 3.  Explain the phenomenon of the Columbian Exchange. 4.  Put  Montagine  into his proper hitorical context.  Was he a man before his time?  Why? 1. The objective of Portuguese policy included the Iberian crusade to Christianize Muslims and to find gold and an overseas route to the spice markets of India. Prince Henry “the Navigator” played a leading role because most of the gold that had reached Europe cane from Sudan in West Africa and Henry established trading posts and forts on the Guinea coasts. Other explorers such as Bartholomew Diaz ventured farther to see more of Africa. Vasco da Gama returned from India with spices and Indian cloth. Alfonso de Albuquerque acquired Muslim coastal forts that were later used to control the Indian Ocean and its commerce. The
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