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Morales Things Fall Apart Achebe Sculpture React Paper My sculpture does not depict a campfire but fire itself. Fire has a profound duality: it provides heat but can be wild and destructive. In Things Fall Apart, fire closely symbolizes Okonkwo. So in a sense, the sculpture is also shaped as a heart to show some human characteristics in Okonkwo His nickname around the village is the “Roaring Flame”, was a great, powerful warrior, and does love his family; however, he has a short, fierce temper and is also destructive to others and himself. This symbol alludes to his anger—the only emotion that he is
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Unformatted text preview: willing to display. To Okonkwo, fire is also a symbol of masculinity, proving that he is worthy of being a man in his village. But to maintain his reputation, he is willing to assume a destructive nature, killing Ikemefune because his village told him to and Ezeudu’s son by accident. Lastly, just as fire feeds on itself until all that is left is a pile of ash, Okonkwo eventually succumbs to his intense rage, allowing it to rule his actions until it destroys him....
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