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Morales A.P. Study Form Title: “The Lady with the Dog” Author and date: Anton Chekhov , published 1899 Four main characters (and one-sentence description of each) Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov is a married man, a property owner, the father of three children, and an amateur singer who once had aspirations to join a private opera company. He is also a veteran adulterer. Anna Sergeevna von Diederitz is a sensitive and morally conscientious but inexperienced young woman who engages in an affair with Gurov. Two minor characters (and one-sentence description of each) Anna’s husband is “a flunkey” who married her when she was twenty. Dmitrii’s wife is a self-proclaimed intellectual whom Gurov secretly considers to be unintelligent and inelegant. She seems to be half his age and Gurov has been unfaithful to her many times. Three main settings (and one-sentence description of each) Yalta is a vacation spot well known of "the stories of immorality" in this seaside vacation town, "tales of easy conquests, of trips to the mountains." In Moscow , Gurov is lonely and cold and isolated. He longs for Anna and finds himself dissatisfied with the life he's living. Anna's room is suffused with the sultry scent "she had bought at the Japanese shop" (2.9). It's no wonder the two lovers fall into bed. One paragraph plot outline: The narrator, Dmitri Gurov, is an obscene married man who has extra-marital relationships all the time because he does not value true relationships. One day, he meets Anna, who ultimately changes his life. He desired her and did have an affair with her, but she felt ashamed. When she left, he yearned for her. It was the first time he ever had that feeling. He traveled to Moscow to look for her. When they meet, it is evident that they truly love each other, yet both are restricted by their bounds of marriage. It seems they are willing to take the risk; however, the future is vague and up to the reader’s interpretation. Two symbols and references:
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Morales The Geisha o A playbill for the Sydney Jones opera The Geisha o The opera serves as a backdrop to the emotion-filled reunion. o It tells the story of a man who, despite his engagement to another woman, falls in love with a geisha. o It even features the famous line, "Every man is disappointed in his wife at some time or other." The Fence o Anna is symbolically confined by the fence outside her husband's house, just as she is actually confined by her marriage. o In fact, both she and Gurov feel trapped in their lives and are longing for an escape through each other. o More significantly, Gurov is, perhaps for the first time, really seeing the world through Anna's eyes. o
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AP Forms (chekhov) - Morales A.P Study Form Title"The Lady...

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