Assignment 2 - Sociology 2169: Urban Sociology Fall 2011:...

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Sociology 2169: Urban Sociology Fall 2011: Assignment 2 Due Wednesday, November 30, 2011 COMMUNITY SURVEY Go and sit in the lounges of luxury hotels and on the doorsteps of the flophouses; sit on the Gold Coast settees and on the slum shakedowns; sit in the Orchestra Hall and in the Star and Garter Burlesque. In short, go and get the seat of your pants dirty in real research. -- Robert Park Introduction This paper is meant to be an extension of the first paper’s assignment where you collected statistical data from the US Bureau of the Census on two chosen census tracts in DC. Based on what you have learned about these two areas, it is now your obligation to canvass the area and provide a sociological commentary about the urban environment in which individuals in your area live, work and play. In this course so far, you have been exposed to urban theoretical perspectives that are both classical and contemporary. In this assignment, I would like for you to incorporate a sociospatial perspective to explain what is going on in your chosen “neighborhood”. This paper is worth 35% of your final grade. Assignment Details You are asked to write a 8- to 10- page paper that analyses a neighborhood in your previously chosen census tract using a sociospatial perspective. To elaborate: 1. Map out your neighborhood using the census website. To approximate a neighborhood, we will be the census tract as a unit of analysis. Go to and then click the “Geographies” link on the left-hand side of the page. Click the “Address” tab in the popup and enter the addresses you selected for your paper -- then click “Go.” Click on the corresponding blue link for the census tract – it should appear under “Your Selections”. From the
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Assignment 2 - Sociology 2169: Urban Sociology Fall 2011:...

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