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14 October 2010 Read the Wikipedia page on  Baroque Art , and McKay pgs. 464-465. Write an introductory thesis paragraph that responds to the following question: How was Baroque style used by both religious and political leaders as a form of propaganda in the late 16th  century through the 17th century? Baroque art, a style that was ornately decorated, filled with action, and elicited emotions, was also utilized for religious and political propaganda. To reflect the essence of the Counter- Reformation, Catholic authorities believed Baroque art could proclaim the power and elegance
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Unformatted text preview: of the Catholic Church by arousing the piety in laypeople, evoking emotional appeal, and instructing the commoners through lavish Biblical depictions and events. And political rulers supported this flamboyant style to glorify their own wealth and power through elaborate displays of grandeur such as lavish palaces. Indeed, the Baroque era inspired greater aspirations for diverse aestheticism and beauty, but it was also adapted by religious and political leaders to promote themselves....
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