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Morales A.P. Study Form Title: “Ninochka: A Love Story” Author and date: Anton Chekhov, 1894 Main characters (and one-sentence description of each) Pavel Sergeyevich Vikhlyenev is the pathetic, passive husband of Ninochka The protagonist (Vikhlyenev’s friend) is a manipulative person who is likely having an affair with Ninochka Ninochka is the conniving, assertive, frank wife of Vikhlyenev Main setting (and one-sentence description of each) The short story and all the drama mainly takes place in Vikhlyenev’s home. One paragraph plot outline: Vikhlyenev is having trouble with his wife. He is obsessed and distressed with his wife’s stubborn behavior. In actuality, Ninochka was pretending to be angry because she was bored. Vikhlyenev decides to go see his friend for advice. What he does not know is that he is likely having an affair with Ninochka. When Vikhlyenev eventually found out, he simply gave up. Like a docile servant, he let his friend do whatever he liked while Vikhlyenev lived in the storeroom. Two symbols and references: (in this story, the characters also function as symbols) Pavel Sergeyevich Vikhlyenev o He represents naïvete. o Vikhlyenev is obsessed with staying with his wife that he will willingly let his friend and wife have an affair o He is pathetic, passive, and simple-minded o To him, love means being in the presence of Ninochka Ninochka o As a symbol, she represents the idea that love is not always sincere o She manipulated Vikhlyenev’s infatuation with her just because she was bored. o Her husband’s love may seem sincere; but hers is hypocritical. o She is assertive and conninving. Two or three sentences on style: Chekhov’s story is written in the first person perspective of Vikhlyenev’s friend. He can be considered an unreliable narrator because he is having an affair with Ninochka, a manipulative woman.
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Morales One or two sentences on dominant philosophy: Love is not always romantic or full of happy endings. According to Chekhov, love
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Chekhov short stories - Morales A.P Study Form...

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