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Morales Commentary concerning the process of writing the College Application Essays To write a good college essay, many things need to be done first. First, buy Mr. Mason’s How to Write a Winning College Application Essay . It really does help, providing examples of various kinds of essays and topics. The most important idea that I have learned in the book is giving detailed answers to the 26 questions posited in the book. In retrospect, it does seem a lot
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Unformatted text preview: of work; however, doing this writing helps narrow the number of topics that can fully be expressed in a well-written college essay. Next, write multiple drafts of the essays. Also, ask the help of others to proofread your essay: teachers or parents. Lastly, on a personal note, as long as your essay is personal, revealing not the student but the person himself or herself, the essay can be stand out among millions of other essays....
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