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French Abs research 1 - The consistency of warfare in...

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The consistency of warfare in Eastern Euro allowed monarchs to secure power in three main areas. They were able to raise permanent taxes to defend the state, they maintained standing armies for the defense of the state, and they conducted foreign relations as they saw fit. These three powers that the monarch came to control helped lead to the rise of absolutism in Eastern Euro, as the monarch no longer had to rely on any representative bodies for funds and could crush any opposition with his royal army. NOBILITY ECONOMY The rise of absolute monarchies dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when several monarchs in western and eastern Europe increased the power of their central governments. In doing so, these kings, emperors, or sultans secured their position as the supreme ruler and possessor of all power. They surrounded themselves with followers and advisors who were strong advocates of royal absolutism. For those that opposed their behavior and seizure of power they replied that they had been granted the divine right of kings. In several countries an absolute monarchy appeared to be the only viable solution to dealing with
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French Abs research 1 - The consistency of warfare in...

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