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Hamlet guerrila theatre reflection - is surprising, as...

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Morales Hamlet Guerrilla Theatre Performing Hamlet in public was a great experience. Along with Ryan Cunningham and Ernest Chua, we performed the gravedigger’s scene in the front circle. Apples were used to substitute skulls, especially Yorick’s skull. The backdrop for the scene was the cemetery in front of Venice Boulevard, so the mood was perfectly set up. In my opinion, the gravedigger scene is one of my favorite scenes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The gravedigger, which is considered a low- ranked, uneducated person, has incredibly wit that matches Hamlet. Also, his mastery of English
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Unformatted text preview: is surprising, as demonstrated by his use of equivocation. Furthermore, because he is a commoner, he is ironically more aware of the events surrounding Denmark than Hamlet. He implicitly explains to the prince that he has worked for thirty years, the same age as Hamlet, and cleverly calls Hamlet a fool for not knowing the tragedies that affect Denmark. The gravedigger does not only play the role of comic relief but also represent Shakespeares mastery of his play, demonstrating that even his minor characters play an integral role in the story....
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