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Morales Lucianus During Act III, scene ii, everyone is gathered in the royal court to watch a play “The Murder of Gonzago.” Lucianus: Thou mixture rank, of midnight weeds collected, With Hecate's ban thrice blasted, thrice infected, Thy natural magic and dire property, On wholesome life usurp immediately ( Shakespeare III.ii 257-60 ). Lucianus, the nephew of King Gonzago, kills the king with poison in the ears. So in this context, this play-within-a-play also serves as an allusion to Hamlet and Claudius.
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Unformatted text preview: Hamlet is also a nephew to the king and eventually kills Claudius with the poisoned blade and wine. And Hamlet’s purpose of the play is verified by Claudius’ reaction. As soon as he sees Lucianus pour the poison, Claudius rises, says “Give me some light: away!” ( Shakespeare III.ii 266, 269), and leaves, proving to Hamlet that Claudius was guilty for committing that same poisonous murder....
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