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Hamlet Research React Paper This research reminds me how Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a crafty play because it does not fulfill only one genre. It can be interpreted as revenge tragedy with a story of losses. Overall, most of the characters lose their lives, but some lose more than others. Ophelia lost her sanity when her father Polonius was stabbed to death. Laertes lost his reason when he was inadvertently manipulated by Claudius to enact revenge on Hamlet for Laertes’ sister’s and father’s deaths. And Hamlet is the most tragic character—he loses his father, his mother quickly marries the father’s brother, and he loses his rightful heir to the throne—so he decides to kill Claudius. Mystery is another descriptive genre that fits Hamlet because throughout the play, spying is a common motif to gather evidence: Claudius spying on Hamlet to seek the source of
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Unformatted text preview: his madness, Hamlet spying on Ophelias funeral march, and Polonius spying on Hamlet in the Gertrudes bedroom chamber. Nevertheless, this research also points out many ironies that occur within the play. First, Claudius plot was thwarted: the poisoned chalice, intended for Hamlet, was given to Gertrude and Claudius was ultimately killed by his own poisonous weapons by Hamlet. Next, Laertes was stabbed with his own poisonous sword by Hamlet. And Hamlet had promised to avenge his fathers death swiftly, yet he remains indecisive and slow to act. This summary helps point out major events in the play, but Hamlet is better understood when people read the florid and meaningful lines....
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