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Morales A.P. Study Form Title: “The Blind Man” Author and date: D.H. Lawrence , published 1922 Main characters (and one-sentence description of each) Maurice Pervin is a world war veteran who was blinded in combat during his second tour of army duty in Flanders. Isabel Pervin is the 30-year-old wife of Maurice and the longtime friend of Bertie Reid. Bertie Reid is a lawyer and a Scotchman who is intellectual, acute, and sentimental. Main setting (and one-sentence description of each) The Pervins live in a farm in the English Midlands and receive a visit from Bertie. One paragraph plot outline: Maurice and Isabel have become socially isolated since his permanent injury. Although their first child died in infancy, Isabel is pregnant again and due to deliver soon. Bertie, a bachelor and barrister, pays a visit. The three of them enjoy dinner together. Afterwards, Maurice becomes restless and leaves the house. When Bertie goes out to check on him, he finds Maurice in the barn. The blind man asks Bertie for permission to touch him. With one hand, Maurice examines Bertie's skull, face, and arm. He then asks Bertie to touch his useless eyes and awful scar. Without warning, Maurice places his hand on top of Bertie's fingers. The experience is a revelation for both men. Maurice suddenly understands the splendor of friendship while Bertie realizes how much he fears intimacy. Two symbols and references: Touch o Of all five human senses, touch is the most powerful. o Though Maurice is blind, he feels profound intimacy when he touches Bertie’s hands. In other words, though Maurice faces a physical disability, he can still express himself emotionally. Darkness o Literally, it attributes to the straightforward fact that since Maurice is blind, all he sees is darkness, which can be frightening. o Isabel goes to look for Maurice and when she steps into the stable where he is, "The darkness seemed to be in a strange swirl of violent life" (Lawrence, 132). Two or three sentences on style:
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Morales Although communication, disability, and human connection are three important issues considered in "The Blind Man," a major lesson of the story is aptly summed up by Bertie: "I suppose we're all deficient somewhere" (92). The ending of this tale has a visceral power that the simple act of touching can have such profound meaning to both men, one is of intimacy and one is of discomfort. One or two sentences on dominant philosophy: The conclusion reminds readers of the joy and responsibility of human intimacy. The entire story underscores the difficulty and possibility of rebuilding damaged lives and overcoming loss Four short quotations typical of the work (include speaker, occasion): 1. “But as time wore on, sometimes the rich glamour would leave them. Then she felt she would go mad, for she could not bear it” (362). Narrator’s description of the backstory. The Pervins seemed to have a nice agrarian
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Heath fiction AP FORMS - Morales A.P. Study Form Title:...

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