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Morales Lord of the Flies Storyboard Project React Paper My storyboard depicted the last half of The Lord of the Flies in which Jack escapes the savages led by Ralph. Jack desperately tries to escape, dodging arrow and rocks until he reaches the beach. Now, he is tired, depressed, and fearing the possibility of his own death. He begins to weep until he sees an unexpected surprise: a naval officer with a battleship has arrived wondering what has happened on the island. This officer is disappointed that these British children have acted savagely. Ironically, the animosity and violence that has occurred on the
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Unformatted text preview: island reflects a bigger frame: That these children were acting in the same manner as the adults who were fighting in World War II. In my opinion, I dabble with sketch art and Japanese animation sketches, so my storyboard reflects that. I implemented some close-ups and panoramic views to evoke a more profound sense of the environment. And the art style in general clearly reflects the influence of Japanese animation whether through facial appearance or certain actions such as running or crying....
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