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Mask Reflection - every image is significant The very top...

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Morales Mask Project React Paper Working on this mask was tedious but worth the long hours of effort. Never before have I had a project that gives me the utmost possibility of expressing my public and private persona through art without restrictions. My mask portrays a symbolic duality between the decorated yet somber left side and the nondescript right side. Every day, I have my eye on the future, with unrelenting optimism and hope; but in this world, I see vices and temptations that can plague my life: peer pressure, arrogance, and greed. Such duality continues on the back side, revealing my true self that few people know. The back may seem like a jumbled mess, but the placement of
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Unformatted text preview: every image is significant. The very top emphasizes my personal beliefs: my strong faith in Christ and Filipino pride. Then the phrases below illustrate encouragement. Elaborate colored pictures around the circumference of the masks depict my fervent interest in anime. And the pair of eyes that look up from the bottom of the mask represents introspection; I see myself as a tabula rasa, a blank slate influenced by good or bad perceptions of the world. That is why my private persona is cracked: I know what I enjoy in life and the motivation I need to achieve my aspirations, but I am also aware of the darkness, or temptations, that could ruin me....
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