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Owen Meany react paper - begins after the ball he hits...

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Morales A Prayer for Owen Meany React Paper In John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany, the novel's bookends are two deaths: Johnny's mother Tabitha's freak death from a baseball hit by Owen Meany, and Owen's death that is foreshadowed from the time of Tabitha's death. In fact, one of the many themes of the book is that of identity--Johnny's unknown father prompting a search with Owen doing most of the prodding and thinking on the matter. A parallel theme is Owen's search for his destiny, which
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Unformatted text preview: begins after the ball he hits kills Tabitha Wheelwright and prompts him to believe that he is God's "instrument." Another theme is that of free will versus determination, between faith and doubt, which is found primarily in conversations between Owen (full of faith, unwavering in his beliefs that his destiny is predetermined) and Johnny (full of doubt and ambivalence, until Owen's death), and in the unfolding story of Owen's life and where it ultimately leads him....
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