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Morales React Paper to Research ( Fences ) Compounded with the typical struggles of the family, the Maxsons must also deal with prejudices or the lack thereof. First, despite the rapid changes of the 1960s with greater tolerance for African Americans, Troy still dwells in the past; he is still filled with enmity and contempt for the many missed opportunities because of racial discrimination. And because of his father’s stringent diligence and stern expectations, Troy somewhat emulated his father: he is a stern, stubborn person who wants everyone to conform to his ideals and expects full obedience. And such attitudes of Troy result in gradual deteriorations of all his relationships. First, Troy thwarted Cory's hopes of going to college through a football scholarship by telling his coach that Cory will not play football anymore. Troy refuses to accept the more embracing generation; he still resents and believes in the racist past that impeded his aspirations.
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