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React Paper_reasearch (LDJIN )

React Paper_reasearch (LDJIN ) - Morales React Paper to...

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Morales React Paper to Research ( LDJIN ) Long Day's Journey Into Night is the story of one devastating day in the Tyrone family, with each of the characters gradually revealing their caricatures. From the start, there's already some tension regarding Mary, who the family suspects has regressed to her morphine addiction again. And as the day progresses, it becomes obvious that their suspicions were correct. She becomes almost completely aloof from reality and acts as if she were still a teenager. Edmund is the hapless victim of tuberculosis and other unfortunate circumstances. His painful birth caused his mom to get hooked on morphine. Worry over his tuberculosis causes her to get hooked again. And the dad is so frugal that he wants to send Edmund to a second rate sanatorium. And the older brother Jamie is the cynical older brother who refuses to reform. Jamie faces a difficult situation: he is a thirty-three-year-old live-at-home son who has failed in all of his endeavors so far. And it appears his family seems to have completely given up on him. So for comfort, he turns to
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  • Spring '11
  • Mason
  • Jamie, older brother Jamie, cynical older brother, clearly troubled Jamie, thirty-three-year-old live-at-home son

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