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Morales React Paper – Set Designs of Fences In Fences the play is set in the dirt yard of a two-story brick house set off a back alley. A safe assumption is that the Maxsons are not exactly the richest people. The set reminds us that money is a constant concern for Troy and his family. Though we never actually hear the word "Pittsburgh," the play is definitely set there because almost all of the plays in his ten-play cycle take place there. This location is important because of what it represents a haven for freedom and opportunity. But in reality, these free blacks’ search for prosperous work had failed. When Troy first arrived there, he ended up living in a shack and resorted to crime to survive. On the surface, it seems pretty obvious where the play's title comes from – Troy and Cory spend a lot of time building a fence, but it represents something much more significant. Cory: "I don't see why Mama want a fence around the yard noways."
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Unformatted text preview: Troy: " What the hell she keeping out with it? She ain't got nothing nobody want." Bono: "Some people build fences to keep people out . . . and other people build fences to keep people in. Rose wants to hold on to you all. She loves you." (Wilson 2.1.30-2.1.32). It seems like the fence becomes a symbol here of the difference between Rose and Troy's personalities. Because of his combative nature, Troy assumes the fence is meant to keep something out. It takes Bono to make Troy see that a fence can have the opposite effect. It's possible that Rose asked Troy and Cory to build the fence as attempt to help the two to bond. She feels the distance growing between them and is trying to keep her family together. Rose may instinctually feel that her family is disintegrating, and the fence is her way of trying to symbolically hold it together....
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