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React Paper_set designs LDJIN

React Paper_set designs LDJIN - or transcend reality and...

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Morales React Paper – Set Designs of LDJIN In Long Day's Journey Into Night , the entire play takes place in a single day, from morning to evening. And as night and the fog approaches, each character's caricatures are revealed: Jamie's unwillingness to change his cynical ways, Mary's drug dependency leading to her aloofness, Edmund's worsening health conditions, and James' problems as a miser and an alcoholic. In addition, from the opening stage directions, the house seems more for show than for function. The front parlor is "rarely occupied" and the back parlor is "never used except as a passage.” And the books of famous writers such as Nietzsche, Swinburne, Wilde, and Marx influence Edmund's general rationality concerning the distaste for the status quo and the desire to penetrate beyond the appearances of things. Now fog can represent a number of different things such as estrangement, retreating into one's self, and blindness; but for all of the characters, fog is dark, isolating, and unstoppable. Both Edmund and Mary attempt at various moments to escape
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Unformatted text preview: or transcend reality, and both use fog as a metaphor or mechanism for doing so. Edmund experiences his retreat into the fog with the help of alcohol, while Mary relies on morphine. And the title seems to reveal the play as cycles within cycles. First of all, Long Day's Journey Into Night is literally that: a very long day that eventually fades into night. The Tyrones start off the play in the bright morning sun, hoping against hope that Mary has finally kicked her addiction to morphine. By the end, it's the dead of night, and poor Mary is back on the drug. The promise of a happy healthy mom has been crushed. There are plenty of other cycles as well. The ephemeral effects of alcoholism display excessive consumption, drunkenness, slumber, dizziness, sober, and then the cycle repeats. And Jamie makes numerous endeavors at different jobs but ultimately he fails, succumbs to his vices of alcoholism and lust, and then repeats the cycle....
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