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Timeline _ French Revo - Morales TIMELINE: Phases and Key...

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Morales TIMELINE: Phases and Key Events of French Revolution 1789 *Tennis Court Oath: the 3rd estate of the Estates General met in a commercial tennis court and swore an oath declaring they would remain until France had a constitution Storming of the Bastille: the Bastille was a royal prison and towering figure of the oppression of the King and royal order. It held gun powder and arms as well as 6 or 7 prisoners. A large crowd gathered at the prison and tried to organise a handover of the gunpowder but the Governor of the Bastille (de Launey) refused so they broke into the prison courtyard and the prison guards opened fire and killed around 100 of the crowd. As it looked as though the crowd were to be defeated and subdued, a group of guards that had defected from the royal regiment blew open the prison doors and the crowd invaded and de Launey surrendered. De Launey was beheaded and his head put on a pike. October Days/Women's March to Versailles: a crowd of around 7000 (mainly) militant working women of France marched to the King's Palace in Versailles demanding the price of bread and food be brought down and that people who were unpatriotic towards the Revolution be punished. They chanted horrible slurs at the royal family, hence the saying 'talking like a fish wife'. They burst into the King's chambers and marched the royals and the national assembly back to Paris (the revolutionary home). 1791 Flight To Varennes: The Royal family attempted to escape revolutionary France to Austria (the birthplace of Marie-Antoinette), where the royals were promised a safe haven. King Louis XVI was not happy with the number of changes and reforms being wanted by the Assembly, and he
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Timeline _ French Revo - Morales TIMELINE: Phases and Key...

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