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Women 480-483 - 29 September 2010 Read Lyndal Roper Luther...

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29 September 2010 Read Lyndal Roper:  Luther: Sex, Marriage and Motherhood.       Read McKay pgs 480  - 483 (including Teresa of Avila on pg 481) 1.   Write a 1 page argument about whether or not you feel that the Prtestant Reformation benefitted women in  European society by placing them as partners in the nuclear family and equal in salvation, or if Luther and other  reformers' teachings simply reinforced patriarchal society and gender roles while demonizing female sexuality. The Protestant Reformation ultimately re-emphasized patriarchal structures, absolute gender roles, and the blatant depravity of women. Luther asserted that women belong in the domestic sphere under the supreme authority of the household head, the husband. He was also unsympathetic concerning pregnancy—“Let them bear children to death, that’s what they’re for”—underscoring the restricted and undermined opportunities available to women.
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