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“Young Girl’s Wish” takes place in China. Tan’s story starts in Guilin, a city with many beautiful landscape and attractions whose beauty have been tarnished by garbage and other items incidental of a more modern China and takes us to a rural countryside town that resembles an unblemished town of ancient China. Changmian is a town that seems to reject the lifestyle found in other communities. Although Olivia speaks Chinese and is part Chinese, she is more like her husband Simon, seeing China through the eyes of a tourist. Although much of China has changed since Kwan left, she acts as a tour guide for Olivia and her husband. This trip has served as an eye opener for Olivia and Kwan. Olivia gets to connect with a side of her culture she never really knew and Kwan is able to understand the reason her Big Ma sent her to live in America. Olivia is of mixed heritage—Chinese and European American. Her half-sister, Kwan, is pure Chinese. Olivia and her husband Simon have traveled to China with Kwan. Most of what she
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