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Chapter 6 HUEC 2032

Chapter 6 HUEC 2032 - Chapter 6 SHAPE ~Created by line and...

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Chapter 6 SHAPE ~Created by line and space ~Flat, 2-D area enclosed by a line ~Evokes images of geometry FORM: 3-D area enclosed by a surface -Hollow: interior A successful garment: -Allow for movement, protection, comfort Visual Concepts of Solids: Visualize all around a solid object at the same moment Visual Effects in Dress (Basic Guidelines): Direction/length Size/bulk Garment/body Shape/space effects Garment Detail Effects: Fit Direction of dominant lines and shapes Proportion-length in relation to width Number and kind of countering lines Necklines: Dominantly Vertical- elongate face and neck, narrow shoulders Dominantly Horizontal- add width to narrow faces, pointed chins Curved- counters straight-edges, angular faces Angular- counters rounded faces Collars: Flat-Neckline curves same shape as garment neckline Partial Roll- Neckline curves are straighter than garment neckline Full Roll-Neckline curves are straight; stand, fall Gathered Ruffled- Gathered kind of like ruff Convertible-Stand, fall-back; flat-front Shawl-extension of bodice font; doesn’t have gorge line
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CHAPTER 22 PROPORTION The law of relationship of spaces “in relation to” Relationship of distances, sizes… 4 Levels of Proportion: 1. Within one part a. Length to width (skirt) 2. Among parts a. One area to adjoining area (bodice to sleeve) 3. Part to whole a. Whole to a part (whole dress to skirt) 4. Whole to Environment a. Outfit to wearer (shape of outfit to shape of wearer) Proportion Guidelines:
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Chapter 6 HUEC 2032 - Chapter 6 SHAPE ~Created by line and...

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