Drawing CH 7& 9

Drawing CH 7& 9 - Saturate garment 3. Side front a....

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Drawing Garments: 1. Use a croquis 2. Practice 3. Silhouettes a. Fashion shape b. Usually change in mid-decades c. Waistlines Drawing Flats: 1. Staff-coordinate line (fabric swatches, special details) 2. Overseas production specifications 3. Tracing: 1. Tool a. Frees concentration on garment proportion and details 2. Choose posed croquis a. Rough in silhouette and shapes 3. Trace 4. Clean final drawing a. Suggest an “original drawing” b. Never should have “traced” look Other Tools: -clothes from your closet -drawing those around you -friends to pose -pattern books -fashion magazines -designers/illustrations you admire 1. Light a. Falling from one source 2. Accents a. Sharp, dark shadows b. Emphasize garment details c. Lend depth and realism d. Natural accents d.i. Shading: 1. Needs a light source 2. Top of figure a.
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Unformatted text preview: Saturate garment 3. Side front a. Shadow on far edge 4. Needs variety of shapes a. Short and long strokes, wide and narrow Highlighting & Shading: 1. Draw from right to left a. Avoids smearing drawing 2. Accents on solid colors a. Emphasize folds, edges, and stress points Garments as simple shapes: 1. See garment as shape 2. See entire stance & garment a. Silhouette and dominate shape 3. Lightly indicate pose-check 4. Finish with details & accents The garment dictates the pose: 1. Pose a. Shows garment to best advantage b. Focus on specific detail of garment b.i. Sets apart from all others 2. Garment touches, drapes on or stands away from the body I pose-straight up and down, crossing feet S pose-sway of hips X pose- spread leg, arms out, hands on hips T pose- crossing feet, arms straight out...
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Drawing CH 7& 9 - Saturate garment 3. Side front a....

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