Drawing Figures HUEC 2032

Drawing Figures HUEC 2032 - Supporting Leg and Balance...

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Model Drawing: -Based on solid understanding of the natural body -Size of head, sets size of body -Segments, parts of gesture body (natural bends in body) -Torso segments (chest, hips) Angles 1. Shoulderline 2. Waistline 3. Hipline (end of torso) Action lines (sets pose in motion) -Perform dynamics -Aids in balance of figure -Dynamics btwn natural body segments Body Segments that Change a Pose: -Torso -Position of arms -Position of legs Balance Line: -Plumb line -Runs straight down, perpendicular to floor (thru pit of neck) -CF line moves independently from plumb line -Acts as an anchor for gesture sketching -Inverted “T” (supports figure on page and creates balance for posed figure) Supporting Leg: -Leg supporting weight of body in pose (high hip) -Low hip side (non-supporting leg, extended or relaxed leg)
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Unformatted text preview: Supporting Leg and Balance Line:-Keeps figure standing straight on the page Arms:-Brings action to a pose-Moves independently (balance line, CF line)-Arm view (position of upper torso) Heads :-Signature Head (create your own type of face, individual and natural as your own handwriting and signature) Face: Diamond style (in book) Drawing Arms:-Proportion-half to half (same for legs) Drawing Feet:-Toe area wider than ankle-3/4 turn-combination of profile & full frontal view-CF-triangular-Bare foot for proportion, shoe for style Drawing shoes:-heeled shoe-foot has to be arched-flat shoe- Drawing Hands:-Palm static shape (fingers subtle contours)-Hands slim (tapered shape, elongated)...
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Drawing Figures HUEC 2032 - Supporting Leg and Balance...

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