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Exam_-_Final_-_Review - Emotions action gender drama...

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HUEC 2032 Final Exam Review Davis - Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 18, 21, 25, 26 50 Questions 100 points True – False Multiple Choice Matching 1. Color wheel 2. Value/intensity changes 3. Design principles a. Unity/harmony b. Proportion c. Rhythm d. Balance e. Emphasis f. Scale Chapter 7 – Light Definition 3 Factors visual effects of light rays depend Wavelength, frequency, brightness Nature of color 3 Ways textures react to light White and colored light Selective absorption How the eye sees color Chapter 8 – Color Definition External color Hue Pure, analogous, complimentary Value – add black and white Neutrals Intensity – add compliment Color language Light theory Physical effects of color Personal coloration – orange Simultaneous contrast, after-image, irradiation
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*** Hues, Value, Intensity Psychophysical effects of color Temperature, motion, size, density Psychological effects of color
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Unformatted text preview: Emotions, action, gender, drama, sophistication, age, seasons Color Schemes/Harmonies Related and contrasting schemes Inverted order Chapter 9 – Texture Definition 4 Components of textiles Surface characteristics Hand Reactions to light by – absorbing, admitting, reflecting Chapter 10 – Pattern Definition 3 aspects – Source, interpretation, arrangement Chapter 18 – Rhythm Definition Achieved in dress by – Rhythm – Linear, repetition, regimented, gradation, etc. Chapter 21 – Emphasis Definition What and where to emphasize? How to emphasize? How much to emphasize? Chapter 25 – Harmony Definition Requires agreement of all 3 aspect of design Chapter 26 – Unity Definition Sense of wholeness, provides sense of completion, the finish...
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