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8.22.11 bio - o Homo Sapiens o Sciaenios ocellatus o...

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Chapter 18: Seeking Order Amidst Diversity: Human= Homosapian Taxonomy is the branch of biology concerned with naming and classifying the diverse forms of life on our planet How can you determine different species? o Biological species concept Why do we look different? Which is the proper way to represent the genius and species names ?
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Unformatted text preview: o Homo Sapiens o Sciaenios ocellatus o Similarities: Eyes, symmetrical, heart, circulatory system • Genius names o Agra Sasquatch (it has big feet), agra phobia , and agra vation o Aha ha o Venus mercienaria o Godzillas o Pison eu o Chewbacca o Iyaiyai...
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