8.29 BIO

8.29 BIO - BIO 8.29.11 Bacteria o Rod shaped cellsBacteria...

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BIO: 8.29.11 Bacteria o Rod shaped cells—Bacteria Ex: Anthrax (picture) bacterial infection Millions of bacteria cells o Can make you very sick Antibiotics do not work on viruses o Must use anti-viral medication o Ex: small pox, virus CHAPTER 19 THE HIDDEN WORLD OF MICROBES We are microbes because we are multi-cellular o Body consists of trillions of microscopic cells that stick together and do their own thing in your body o We are collections of microbes Bodies are microbes in nature o Microbe: anything too small to be seen with the naked eye Too small to be seen clearly without a microscope (official definition) Seen with light microscope, magnifying glass, electric microscope o Prokaryotes: smallest living things on this planet 0.2-1.0 um o Unicellular eukaryotes 10-100 um How big is a um or micrometer? 1/1,000,000 of a meter The period at end of sentence is about 1000 um o What is the smallest?. .. bacterial cell o Protists are no the smallest things on the planet, prokaryotic cells are Viruses are active or inactive o They can infect plant, fungal, bacterial cells o They are not considered living things (not in the domains of life) Other Biological entities: VIRUS o NOT organisms because they do not have all of the characteristics of living things o Cannot reproduce on their own o Small 0.05-0.2 and come in many different shapes Must see them through an electron microscope o 3 parts Genome : genetic information. Can be either single-stranded or double- stranded DNA or RNA Capsid : protein coat which surrounds and protects genome Envelope : membrane ( phospholipid bilayer ) which surrounds the capsid
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Virus comes in and fuses with your cell and takes away from bilayer and the when you sneeze it breaks apart and fuses with someone elses o Viruses Hijack cells Extremely specific for a particular host/ organism that it infects
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8.29 BIO - BIO 8.29.11 Bacteria o Rod shaped cellsBacteria...

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