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Chapter 2CONT - Exam 2 - Chapter 2 Pages 24-36 Exam review:...

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Exam 2 - Chapter 2 – Pages 24-36 Exam review: Soysilk® is a protein fiber TFPIA requirements – not required to give you trademark name Drawing – increases crystalinity in a manufactured fiber after coming out of spinneret Manufactured fibers: Regenerated fibers – from naturally occurring polymer materials (linters or wood pulp) o Chemically Unmodified o Chemically Modified Synthetic fibers o Synthesized from chemicals (petroleum related material) into polymer chains Manufactured fiber formation steps: 1 - Polymer prepared/converted into liquid form (in spinneret!) o Spinning dope Solution dope/mix Polymer melt o Additives to molten Polymers are modified with additives before extrusion from spinneret Great place to add, stabilizer, color, delusterent 2 - Liquid polymer is extruded through spinneret 3 - Drawing – stretching of fiber to modify arrangement of polymer chains. Makes fiber more crystalline and orientated. Increases tenacity (less amorphous area = lowers absorbency and takes away crimp). o Most fibers are drawn (not always) 4 - Solidification – heating, cooling, or precipitation
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Manufactured natural polymer o cellulose – rayon and acetate/triacetate Regenerated into new physical form Wood pulp, cotton linters Processed into pure cellulose pulp Chemically unmodified of chemically altered
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Chapter 2CONT - Exam 2 - Chapter 2 Pages 24-36 Exam review:...

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