Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 - High Performance and Specialty...

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Chapter 12 - High Performance and Specialty Fibers: Heat Resistant Fibers – high melting points High-Strength, High-Modulus Fibers (fiber glass and carbon fibers) Other Specialty Fibers (metallic fibers) Asbestos Only natural mineral fiber Naturally fireproof Not used in textile products in the US – causes lung disease and is carcinogenic Was used as pot holders, insulation, and iron board covers carcinogenic + causes lung disease still found in insulating material Glass Fibers 1930s – Owens-Corning Glass Company High strength, high modulus, but it’s brittle and abrades Manufacturing Glass fibers: Melted, extruded into long, fine filaments If the producer wants Staple lengths, then air jet cuts (break glass apart) Sizing and lubricant Physical Appearance Colorless Small glass rods Longitudinal Smooth, round Extremely heavy (high density and specific gravity!) Mechanical
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High breaking strength, but low abrasion resistance and high modulus Chemical Nonabsorbent – no affinity for dyes – only solution dye Organic solvents - no effect Bases – harmful! Nonconductive with heat or electricity – that’s why it is used as insulation! Noncombustible Flame – darkens, destroys resin finishes High melting point Other properties of glass: Low abrasion resistance – break where creased and rubbed Excellent shrinkage resistance Environmental – good to excellent – mildew, insects, sunlight, and aging =)
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 - High Performance and Specialty...

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