February11Lecture - Cherokee Cosmology Continued•Cherokee...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-11-08 - Cherokee Cosmology Continued•Cherokee call themselves the real people•Cherokee encompassed 40000 square miles (about 8 states) of land when first contact with Europeans occurred•Origin story other detailso Fire came from Thunder in creation storieso Corn originso Origin of game and proper behavior for huntingo Number 7 comes up frequently•Three Worldso Upper world (above the sky vault): order, predictability, stability•Stars, moon reside here (sun just below it)o Middle (this) world: precariously balanced between upper and lower worlds•Where plants, animals, people resideo Lower world: power, creativity, fertility, change•Can only get through there with a guide, go along rivers where the water is warm not cold•Dangerous place with ghosts and monsterso Dualism brings order to the universe•Idea that universe is under dominion of two opposing principles•Fire/Water•Order/Disorder•Purity/Pollution•Cold Season/Warm Season•Men's Roles/Women's Roles•Traditional Ceremonial Cycleo First new moon of spring: going to the water and sacred fire rekindled (March)...
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February11Lecture - Cherokee Cosmology Continued•Cherokee...

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