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Exam_3_Study_Guide_Fall_2011 - properties sensitivities and...

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Basic Guidelines for Preparing for HUEC 2040 Exam 3 1. Property Comparison Chart Acrylic and olefin are the only commodity fibers covered on this exam and are therefore the only fibers for whose ranking you are responsible. 2. As advised for Exam 2, pay special attention to each fiber type’s unique spinning methods, properties, sensitivities, end-uses, and care. When contemplating any exam question about a particular fiber, try to relate its end-uses to its spinning methods,
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Unformatted text preview: properties, sensitivities, and care AND vice-versa in order to determine the correct answer (or to double-check your initial response). 3. Familiarize yourself with important trade names and terms used globally in place of generic names used in the U.S. *And, always take note of any new terms!...
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