Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - • stitch-through fabrics – stitch...

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Chapter 15 – fabrics and related structures fabric a planar structure consisting of yarns or fibers (ASTM 2000) planar – structure in which the length & width are much higher than the thickness woven fabrics formed by interlacing yarns at right angles little stretch wide variety looped fabrics constructed from one or more continuous yarns by formation of a series of interconnected loops crochets knits stretchable knotted fabrics created by knotting yarns together laces, nets, macramé, tatting nonwoven fabrics web of fibers held together by interlocking fibers can be done by: mechanical action – needle punches fibers together fusing fiber heat, adhesives chemicals felt, bark cloth not technically classified as nonwoven
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Unformatted text preview: • stitch-through fabrics – stitch bonded - #105 stitch through monofilament holding together – 2 sets of yarns or masses of fibers stitched together as fabric by another set of yarns • braided fabrics – interlaced in diagonal pattern – formed by plaiting together yarns or fabric strips – narrow width • films – not made from fibers – NOT TRUE TEXTILES – sometimes laminated to textiles – made from the same synthetic fibers as textiles – polymers extruded in sheets • textile composites – materials with 1 or more textile components impregnated with or embedded in a resin matrix – hi-tech for industry, military, aerospace SLIDE 11...
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Chapter 15 - • stitch-through fabrics – stitch...

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