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Exam_5_Study_Guide - and knotted/braided fabrics 3 Fabric...

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HUEC 2040 Textile Science Exam 5 Study Guide The following is an outline of the material covered in Ch.19, 20, 21, and 22 and included in Exam 5 in the form of true-false questions and multiple choice questions in sets, each set with its own “word bank” of related terms from which to choose. As always, note new terminology! 1. Nonwoven fabrications: 1. methods for formation of staple fiber webs and manufactured filament webs 2. mechanical, thermal, and chemical fiber bonding 3. felt and bark cloth 4. fabric performance variables 2. Other fabric construction methods: tufting, textile-reinforced composites, other multi-component fabrics including laminated/bonded fabrics, flocked fabrics, films, stitch-bonded fabrics,
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Unformatted text preview: and knotted /braided fabrics 3. Fabric preparation for dyeing and finishing 1. batch vs. continuous 2. routine finishes for cotton, silk, wool, flax, and manufactured fibers 3. inspection, repair 4. Adding color to textiles 1. dyes vs. pigments 2. natural dyes vs. synthetic dyes 3. requirements for color transference 4. stages at which color may be applied specific batch processes and continuous processes for fabric dyeing 5. dyeing blends 6. dye classes specific to each generic fiber type and their properties 7. color characteristics and terms related to colorfastness...
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