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68 - 68-1 Condensation Lifting Level If a parcel of air...

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68-1: Condensation Lifting Level If a parcel of air rises high enough, it will eventually ___ to it’s __ __ ___. Here the process of ____ occurs. ____ form. 68-3: Above the condensation lifting level: Latent heat of condensation, which was stored in water vapor, will be ____. This ____ the rate of adiabatic cooling. This is the ___ ___ ___. 69-1: WALR: Because of the amount of latent heat released depends on the quanity of ____ in the air, the WALR varies. WALR = __ degrees c/1000m for air with high moisture content and __ degrees c/1000m for drier air 69-3: Facts to remember: The closer the parcel is to ____ at the ground, thelower the condensation lifting level
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